Below are the steps that Fine Food Events has taken to reduce our footprint on this great earth! We have learned many methods of being green by attending extensive training.

All disposables are compostable – we charge more for disposables that are not compostable.

  • We have established a non profit called Your Giving Tree which collects both monetary and food donations to helps to feed less fortunate people in our community. [Visit ]
  • We have established a “green team” to share ideas of how to be green and stay green.
  • Working with an organic disposal company to compost all kitchen scraps during preparation of menus and compost all leftover food items that cannot be donated to shelters.
  • Utilizing “green” cleaning products.
  • Using food items that are in season.
  • Recycle all paper, foil, plastic etc. with each staff having a recycle container in their office and recycle containers throughout the facility including the kitchen.

Trying to cut down in using paper for marketing by using email marketing.